Corporate Fleet & Group Driver Training

Any motor vehicle driven by your staff is in essence a ‘tool of trade’ – in view of this, employers need to exercise their duty of care to employees, ensuring they have the correct attitude and skills necessary to fully recognise the high-risk associated with vehicle usage. 

Conversely, employees also need to recognise that they also have an obligation to the employer to operate a company vehicle with the same care.

Vehicle control skills play an important part and are a key focus area of our courses; however, these skills are vastly overshadowed by the need to instill a responsible driving and road safety attitude, which is another key focus area in all our courses.

Fleet Driver Training – A Key to Organisational Profits

The successful management of any motor vehicle fleet is directly linked to the driving habits of employees, which in turn has a direct effect on corporate success and profits by reducing the chances of a road crash through appropriate training. 

It is a proven fact that most work related deaths and injuries are caused by motor vehicle crashes, consequently the corporate cost of road crashes is extremely high.

Our driver training programs represent a cost effective means of assisting your company maintain higher profit levels.  

Our driver training workshops generate many benefits, including:

  • ·   Improving staff safety and enhanced OH & S compliance;
  • ·   Reduced fleet operating costs such as running costs, crash damage, vehicle resale value, tyre usage, and fuel costs;
  • ·   Improved carbon footprint by reducing carbon emissions;
  • ·   Reduced insurance premiums;
  • ·   Corporate team building and improved staff morale;
  • ·   An improved corporate image for your organisation;
  • ·   Improved staff attendance levels by reducing time away from the workplace as a result of vehicle crashes and incidents;
  • ·   A meaningful tax deduction that will positively affect corporate profitability, and
  • ·   Demonstrating a managerial commitment to staff welfare and community responsibility.

 We specialise in tailoring a program that specifically meets the requirements of your organisation.


Driver Training Course Options