Driver Training Course Options

 WHEEL-SKILLS range of standard Driver Training courses:
  ½ Day Low-Risk Driver Training Seminar
•  On Road Driver Coaching and Assessment
•  1  Day Low-Risk Driver Training Course
•  ½ Day Trailer Towing Course

•  ½ Day Trailer Towing Course







Four Hour theory seminar

Can be held in isolation,


Coupled with Option 2,



4 Hour theory seminar. Group environment. Up to 18 staff. Topics include;

  • An introduction to Low Risk Driving, involving,
  • Group exercises,
  • Vehicle crash factors linked to driver attitude,
  • Road crash causative factors,
  • Hazard perception test,
  • Low risk driving – observation and perception skills, driver fatigue, following distance, managing fatigue, reversing, and
  • Tyres, Braking & Skidding. ABS etc.





 “On Road”  coaching & Assessment


Staff firstly participate in 4 hour theory seminar

  • In car on road coaching & assessment,
  • Client vehicles,
  • Two staff members per vehicle, one instructor for about  2½ hours on road in normal traffic conditions,
  • Includes emergency braking component,
  • Feedback, coaching &  assessment of driving skills  held in normal driving and traffic conditions (written assessment available)





One day Practical course

A mix of theory and practical. Up to 16 participants. Corporate vehicle required. Vehicle sharing permitted.

A combination of options 1 and 2.

Sterile environment required.



Half Day Trailer Towing Course

4 hours. Small Groups up  to 10 persons. Clients own vehicle. A course designed  for any client whose employees are required to tow trailers, equipment or machinery


Basic 4WD Course

One day. Small groups. This course is designed to cater for the safety of employees required to operate 4WD vehicles on gravel or bitumen public roads, or in minor off road situations.  The course does not include advanced recovery  nor serious off road operation.   Does include: hitching and unhitching, vehicle preparation, safety checks, reversing, legal issues etc.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements and obtain a quotation
for any of our services. Courses can be varied to customer requirements.


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