Driver Training Course Options

 WHEEL-SKILLS range of standard Driver Training courses:
  ½ Day Low-Risk Driver Training Seminar
•  1  Day Low-Risk Driver Training Course
•  2  Day Low-Risk Driver Training Course
•  On-Road Driver Coaching and Assessment



Theory only - up to 20 participants. 

Guaranteed to improve knowledge and positively influence attitude. This course represents an excellent starting point for a corporate driver training program and can be followed by the one day low-risk driving course, or on road coaching and assessment program.

Presentations include –

  1. Group exercise - to generate basic understanding of human afflictions and behaviour relative to the driving environment.
  2. Knowledge Test - structured to encourage lateral thinking in regard to low-risk driving and develop a greater knowledge of the road rules, low-risk driving and vehicle care. The test is designed to function as a `learning tool’ and sets the agenda for the remainder of the session.
  3. Vehicle Crash Factors – to generate a broad understanding of the human and monetary costs of road trauma in Australia. This segment will snap-shot recent and relevant statistical data to highlight society attitude and relate public acceptance to risk.
  4. Road Crash Causative Factors – analysis and discussion of crash causative factors by the group. What really causes road crashes?
  5. Hazard Perception Test – group exercise involving hazard identification – brings the public street into the classroom.
  6. Low-Risk Driving – identify best practice in topics such as observation and perception skills, maintaining crash avoidance space, road-craft, driver fatigue, safe following distance, hazard identification, cornering techniques, reversing, etc.
  7.  Tyres, Braking & Skidding – Overviews tyre technology/care and the link between tyre performance, coefficient of friction, skid avoidance, skid management, standard and ABS braking systems and operating techniques.




A mix of Theory and Practical. 
Up to 16 participants. 
Corporate vehicle required – vehicle sharing permitted.

Minimal theory.   
Practical driving exercises as outlined for ‘Two Day Low-Risk Course’ below.



Up to 16 participants.
Corporate vehicle required for practical day – vehicle sharing permitted.  

Day 1 - Theory 
Significantly expanded presentation of topics outlined in the ‘½ Day Low-Risk Driver Training Seminar'. 

Day 2 - Practical
Driving exercises conducted in an appropriate safe driving area away from any traffic.  Exercises on the practical day include: driving posture – setting up the vehicle for safe operation; confined vehicle manoeuvring; reversing etc; steering technique; cornering path; following distance; standard and ABS braking in wet and dry conditions.




This training is a very cost-effective means of achieving low-risk driving outcomes for staff members.  These assessments are conducted in normal driving conditions on public roads, in corporate vehicles in 2 to 3 hour sessions - one Instructor with two staff members. Driving and coaching information is shared to place the theory lessons of the seminar into practice during real driving conditions.

This practical on-road session may be used to replace the one or two day practical components above. One of the main benefits is that employees who experience difficulty will be identified and can then be afforded a further opportunity to expand their driving skills by way of additional training. This method represents a cost-effective, efficient alternative.

Each session includes individual coaching in the areas of emergency braking, using ABS or non-ABS vehicles as appropriate, providing the opportunity for staff to develop emergency braking skills and experience the effectiveness of an anti-lock braking system.

Staff members are involved in individual coaching and an explanation of low-risk driving techniques, traffic laws (eg roundabouts and signalling), vehicle care etc.

A written report can be provided for each employee that enables management to identify employees who may require additional driving skills.


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