Driver Training Overview

Driving a motor vehicle is one of the most dangerous things we can do and it may only take one small error to cause a disaster.

The majority of road crashes are caused by human error. These errors may be the result of deficiencies in observation and/or motor co-ordination skills. In other words, most crashes are avoidable through the practice of low-risk driving techniques.


The great misfortune is that most road trauma is avoidable – in fact, many crashes are caused by poor observation skills, little understanding of vehicle dynamics, poor braking skills, lack of knowledge of the road rules, poor attitude and lack of judgement.  Attitude and complacency are primary factors and we all need to re-think our values and make a stance by totally rejecting the acceptability of death or serious injury caused by road crashes.

To understand the cause and remedy for locked brakes, having a thorough understanding and working knowledge of anti-lock braking systems, demonstrating better observation skills and avoidance techniques relative to other road-user error, having a ‘feel’ for the dynamics of a motor vehicle and an understanding of the road environment, all represent a major advancement in road crash avoidance. The end result represents a huge saving in, most importantly – human trauma and secondly – dollar costs.


~ Since 1990 ~

Becoming a low-risk driver will mean being a safer and better driver.  Competent drivers enjoy the many pleasures that motoring has to offer, in comparison to many who see driving as a chore, or simply a means of getting from one point to another.  At WHEEL-SKILLS, we strive to make participation in a course the platform for you to further develop the techniques that are necessary for you to become a good driver.  Your future motoring experiences will then become more enjoyable and safer.

Further structured training is required to assist that person in becoming a `low risk’ driver and WHEEL-SKILLS' courses provide a complete package which teaches participants to understand the big picture of road safety rather than just having a high degree of vehicle control skills. 


Driver Training Course Options

Corporate Fleet & Group Driver Training