Driver Training Testimonials


"I strongly believe that if I had not done the defensive driving course we would have hit the other car and no doubt, we would have all been killed.  My reason for believing this is that I wouldn't have been really aware of the parked car and I would have panicked and took my foot off the brake the moment I heard and felt the grinding sound of the ABS braking system.  I would have just held the steering wheel straight because my thought would have been that the wheels were locked.  I believe that this course is invaluable and should be completed by all staff, regardless if they travel far or not.  It is professionally run and worth every cent of the department's money.  On behalf of my family and myself, could you extend my gratitude to these two gentleman for a job well done."
Veronica A

"Thank you for the 2 valuable days you spent with us.  I have been driving for many years and have occasionally found myself in an uncomfortable driving situation, some of which were the result of my own misjudgement.  With the benefits of the information and practical experience derived from your course I expect to be able to avoid most situations in the future.  If however I am faced with an emergency situation I will have much more confidence in my driving skills and capability of my vehicle as a result of the supervised controlled exposure obtained on your course.  I am sure my views are echoed by all the others who obviously obtained as much value as I did from your advice.  I believe there is a responsibility on our organisation to provide this training to all staff who are required to face the hazards of driving as a part of their employment."
Dr Geoff F  

".....thanks for a great 2 days.  I learnt a lot about driving and managing situations.  You are great educators, give a lot of quality information and make the whole experience enjoyable."
Stuart G

"I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you for the excellent low-risk driver training course I attended.  I found the course interesting and informative.  I also believe my application of the techniques taught will have a real benefit to my driving competency both at work and at home.  I am sure over the years you see many middle-aged men such as myself who think there is not much they can be taught in relation to their driving; however, I am delighted to find this was not the case and I trust some of the work satisfaction you derive comes from knowing that drivers, such as myself, can take their family on the road and be just a little bit safer.  Congratulations!  Well done! and I have (and will) recommend this course.  Thank you."
Russell S

"Thanks for a fantastic course.  I have been extolling your virtues far and wide.  Keep up the great work."

"Thanks for a well balanced few days.  I am very impressed."
Chris P

"Fantastic course - got me out of trouble already.  Thank you!  I think all drivers should do your course at least every 10 years."

"Thanks for a great course - very well presented and most enjoyable as well as being really helpful."

"Thanks for all the help and excellent advice."
Wendy F

"A wonderfully worthwhile two days and great fun as well."

"I loved your course.  I was very informative and helpful.  A great 2 days.  I am now no longer frightened of an emergency stop and loved the steering technique.  Thanks a lot to you both."

"Thanks for helping such a 'crazy' lot.  Certainly a well spent 2 days.  A great course."

"......would save the country a fortune if everyone had to pass this course!"
Ros M

"The Wheel-Skills organisation is very professional in it's approach and content."

"As well as learning tactics to stay alive and prevent injury to others, the actual presentation offered a very professional approach which we will try to emulate in our own work.  All participants were most impressed and very appreciative of your interest and motivation to offer this style of course."
Mike R

"Your course was a once in a liftetime opportunity.  I feel more confident in reacting to a possible emergency situation."
Margaret B

"Relaxed pleasant atmosphere, well organised and presented."

"I recommend Wheel-Skills to prospective clients as the 'skills' they claim are genuine."
Kevin K

"The opportunity to update my knowledge of recent changes to traffic laws, to discuss driver attitudes and the practice defensive driving and emergency techniques in a controlled environment was most worthwhile."
Alison S

"Having now completed the course, I believe that all drivers should undertake this course.  It was well organised, programmed and presented in a professional manner.  I would recommend the Wheel-Skills course to all drivers who wish to improve their driving awareness and driving skills."
Paul L

"Our Company would have no hesitation in recommending Wheel-Skills as a most competent and professional training organisation."
Barry C