Refresher Tuition

Are you returning to riding after a long absence?
Have you ever participated in formal rider training?
Do you want your pillion passenger to be totally at ease with your riding?
Being a skilled driver does not necessarily mean you will be a skilled rider!

Are you worried about dropping your new bike?
Would you prefer to get your riding skills back using one of our smaller bikes?
Do you want to take the fright out of your riding?
Would you like to learn a systematic approach to your riding?
Do you agree that things have changed a fair bit since you first obtained your rider's licence?
Were you considering getting on that big new bike and going to play in the traffic? 

If you are returning to riding after a long absence and would like to brush-up on your riding skills you will significantly benefit from refresher training using our structured formal system to remove any of the old, often bad habits that may have developed. If this is you, consider participating in a 3 to 4 hour Refresher Course.  It is guaranteed that you will learn things you have probably never before considered.

This course is structured to suit your needs and will commence inside the safety of the Rider Training Centre and is progressively designed to get you riding again, build your confidence and to address those basic skills required to operate safely on the road.

Although not essential, this course usually concludes with an escorted ride on public streets to address road-craft specifics.


You can use your own bike, helmet and gloves for this course or hire this equipment from WHEEL-SKILLS.