Rider Training Services

Many riders have never had the benefit of participating in any type of formal rider training program and, like driving a motor vehicle, riding a motorcycle has an element of danger attached to it. A skilled rider possesses advanced motor co-ordination skills. Being a defensive rider and riding low-risk means identifying risks and taking the necessary steps to reduce them. This can be achieved with training using the WHEEL-SKILLS systematic approach.


The majority of road crashes occur because of human error as a direct result of both a deficiency in observation and motor co-ordination skills.  Most crashes are avoidable through the practice of defensive or low-risk techniques.

Maintaining ‘crash avoidance space’, not taking unacceptable risks, not exceeding your comfort level and not relying on others to prevent a crash with you, are just some of the road-craft strategies you will learn to apply.

Having a ‘feel’ for the dynamics of a moving motorcycle, understanding safe braking and cornering techniques will mean that you will become a safer and better rider and also be better equipped to enjoy the many pleasures that riding has to offer.

We strive to make participation in a WHEEL-SKILLS course the platform for you to further develop the techniques that are necessary to achieve this goal.  Even your pillion will be become more relaxed with your riding style.

Wheel-Skills courses represent a complete and balanced package to enable participants to see and understand the "big picture" of road safety.


Rider Training Course Options