Rider Training Testimonials


I would like to thank Whee-Skills for the excellent motorcycle training I have received.  Although I have lived in and been licensed in different countries and followed both motorcycle and car driving courses, the two motorcycling courses I recently did with Wheel-Skills were the most rewarding, interesting and valuable yet.  My trainer for both my two-day Pre-Learner course and my one-day Pre-Provisional course was Hans.  At all times he was professional, supportive and correct.  He is an articulate and intelligent  teacher and I learned a lot from his experience and insights.  Please pass on my thanks and regards to Hans.
I have written about my journey through the various licensing regulations in my blog, and notwithstanding my frustrations at the requirement to re-sit licence tests in various countries for both car and motorcycle, I have included some very positive comments about Wheel-Skills motorcycle training courses.  I have also included some photos.

Please feel free to have a look:  http://moretons-myth.blogspot.com.au/2013/04/no-more-testsl
FURTHER ........ certainly, you may use the comments and blog reference in your reference section.  It may help others understand the process and encourage them to try it themselves.  Really I did enjoy the training a lot, all the more because having lived in different countries and having undergone other ways and methods of rider and driver training, so I have a frame of reference.  Your methods are really excellent.

Kinds regards
Mieke W-----

It's not often that you get an opportunity through this club to take advantage of great savings on a course that will teach you life saving skills in everyday riding.  Well I can safely say that the first advanced motorcycle course held over the 6th-7th March, met everyone's expectation in course delivery and the professionalism of Grant and his team of instructors from Wheel-Skills Pty Ltd.
The course catered for novice through to experienced riders without pushing the riders comfort zone.  The course demonstrated the correct level of theory, which was then applied to on-road skills, followed by constructive feedback to course participants from the instructors.  This motivated riders to do their best and to become more aware of their own individual riding ability and build on their identified strengths. 
The feel of the course was very upbeat and positive toward the correct use of Motorcycle Roadcraft and the general attitude toward rider behavior.   My thanks to all who participated,with a 100% effort, to make this a great weekend.
So, what are you waiting for? get into the next course being held on 10 - 11 April 2010.
Paul Hunt
Vice President
Blue Liners

"I am writing to congratulate Wheel-Skills on their provision of the Pre-Learner Licence Rider Training course for motorbike riders, which I completed on the weekend.  The training facility is an excellent venue for the course as it provides a quiet and safe area to learn.  The quality and condition of the motorcycles, helmets and gloves, which were provided, was also first rate.  More importantly though, was the professionalism, skills and effort displayed by the Instructor as he taught a group of students aged from 17 to 43 years of age, all with a varying range of previous motorcycle experience.  I believe the requirement to complete this course for a new rider is absolutely essential.  Further, I also believe this type of scheme should also be a requirement for car driver learners of all ages.  I would not hesitate to undertake additional courses with Wheel-Skills or recommend their courses to others.  Once again, congratulations to the team at Wheel-Skills."
Robert B

"Well, I cannot decide which was the best day, stepping onto my new BMW motorbike or successfully completing your riding course.  However, what I can decide is that today has been one of the greatest learning experiences I have ever had.  Congratulations and thank you for a very full and most informative motorcycle riding program.  The course was both informative and professionally run.  For me it was an ideal opportunity to learn and appreciate my motorcycle but most importantly learn how to safely ride and enjoy motorcycling.  I am confident that everyone who finished your course today went away with an enormous sense of value, something in today's economy which is hard to achieve.  You can be assured that my praises will be to the fullest and I sincerely hope that by the way you conduct your business you will be successful.  Thank you once again for a great day and one that I will always appreciate and never forget when I step onto my motorcycle."
Colin L

"I'm 54 and bought my first bike (250 Virago) in January this year.  I completed the Pre-learner course then the Intermediate course and finally the Pre-provisional course.  I've ridden 15,000 km's since getting my L's and have enjoyed the experience, thanks to you.  The skills I learned stand me in good stead every day I ride.  I try to continually put them into practice.  I am very grateful for what I was taught.  I didn't find it as easy as I thought it would be but found the instructors were very fair and balanced in their approach and more than willing to help.  It must be very hard sometimes to turn up week after week and give the same training to a new bunch of raw recruits and make them feel like they are the most important group ever to do the course.  May I encourage you all.  Keep up the same enthusiasm shown to the group I was in - it's not a wasted effort.  What you are doing is more that a requirement to getting a Licence.  You teach the difference between living to ride and riding to live, and you do it well.  I guess this short letter is to all the people at Wheel-Skills, not only the ones who trained and tested me, so I would like to thank you, the team and your families who have to do without you some weekends, even when it's your birthday!"
Les J

"I hope that I keep learning good habits like those emphasised in your training programs .  I firmly believe that riding (among many other things) is a life-long learning process and a wonderful mode of transport and pastime.  I was a little apprehensive as to how my riding would stack up and am happy to know that Kellie (instructor) was confident I was able to make the next step in my riding path.  Your website was a great help too with the video's of the manoeuvres necessary and a break-down of the design of the test course.  Actually seing how it should be done was one of the best features of that section of the site.  With this I managed to recreate the individual components of the test and at least have some clue as to the level of skill required to pass the test.
Sincerely, you guys run a great service and I wish that there was a similar scheme for driving." 
Cheers Lucia Z

"The total package of training is designed towards safe riding on all roads and includes attitude, hazard perception, road-craft and application, on-road and on-track coaching and assessment, slow speed manoeuvring, cornering, braking (normal and emergency) and hazard avoidance. 
During and after the course members commented how much their confidence and skills improved and, since completion of the course, on the Branch's regular rides it is noticeable how much the general riding skills have benefitted their enjoyment of riding motorcycles.  The most common comment was, "Everyone should attend one of these!"  The Ulysses Club encourages participation by rebating up to $80.00 of the total cost - a great incentive to improve members riding skills." 
Bill Slade Secretary Northern Rivers Ulysses Branch (extract from page 77 of Riding On Magazine May 2009 issue).

"I would like to say that I was most impressed with the professional and well organised way the courses were held.  I had a different Instructor for each course and both were not only competent motorcycle riders, but very adept as teachers and helped me every step of the way, with advice and knowledge that will carry with me for as long as I am able to ride a motorcycle.  These courses are excellent and not only steer you in the right direction, but get you into the right habits before you start to do any serious riding." 
Richard B

"I just wanted to say thanks for yet ANOTHER great session.  You have a great team and the whole thing was co-ordinated brilliantly, well done.  Lots of good stuff being said by all who attended.  Thanks." 
Kim K

"After 26 years away from riding road bikes and my children off my hands, I decided to rekindle my love for bikes and apply for my Licence.  I had been told many thaings from other riders, like how difficult it would be and how I probably would give up half way through.  In fact, what I learned whilst doing the course was far more than I could have ever imagined.  The course was superbly taught by instructors who were not only passionate about their job and determined to get the trainees on the road as safely and well informed as possible.  What I did not expect was how it would make me a lot better car driver.  Even after the first day I was driving with a new perspective on the road.  Three cheers for education and three cheers for Wheel-Skills.  A special thanks to my two instructors who made the course enjoyable and made me a better road user.  Well done RTA, keep on striving for a safer road system and you will always have my support."
Dave H

"Having just purchased a new BMW I decided to do a rider training course with Wheel-Skills Pty Ltd.  Two reasons, firstly, I don't want any avoidable mishaps on the new bike,  Secondly and more importantly, I want to ensure that I will be a safer, predictable riding companion when I go out on group rides.  Well, I  couldn't be happier that I did the course.  I learned (and re-learned) so much.  Next up - plenty of solo riding so that the skills covered in the course will become ingrained habits.  Then the Ulysses rides which I'm really looking forward to.  I reckon the knowedge gained from the course is worth so much more than the cost of participation.  I encourage any rider (especially those who started motorcycling years ago and before proper rider training existed) no matter what their experience or expertise, to consider doing one of the many rider training courses they offer."
Paul P